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Important Information During Forestry Works!

Please Read!

Cougar Park access information:

Please read all of the information below in regards to the upcoming harvest. And PLEASE, don’t be the one jeopardise anyone’s safety or our future use of the park.

– Operations will start Monday 10th June.

– During weekdays, the park will be closed until 4pm to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

– On weekdays from 4pm until dark, the park can be accessed from Newell Road only. There will be no morning access.

– The park will be open on weekends via both carparks. However, be aware of restricted areas, which will be clearly marked off with tape. These areas are off-limits not just for your safety but for the safety of the workers involved.

– Harvesting will take place in various areas of the park, including cat tracks, PJs Pride, Eastern Passage, and Stream Trail.

– The harvesting process is anticipated to continue until Christmas.

Thank you for your cooperation and support over the next few months