Southstar Trails have completed the 2nd loop, it’s now 100% rideable, we encourage our members to go and ride it now. It starts at the top of the climb on loop 1.

The total distance of the 2 loops is 7km starting and ending at the bridge. So next week Southstar will mark a 3rd loop to get the total up to 8km.

  • First loop is quite easy, a grade 2
  • Second loop a little more challenging descending and climbing, a grade 3
  • Third loop will also be grade 3


Each loop has a climb and a descent, and because they are stacked loops, it would be good to give each climb/descent a name, so 6 names in total to come up with.

There’s still no dirt for the jump track. We pulled the diggers out yesterday and are working on a short job in Rotorua, aiming to be back in Tokoroa middle of next week. I’m planning for one machine to work on the 3rd loop and the other to start work on the jump track near the car park, so please keep me posted when the dirt is arriving.

Have a great weekend!

Jeff Carter

Southstar Shuttles & Southstar Trails & Trailmapps NZ
Phone: 021619954